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LeAlan Carter

Since High School, I have always been interested in programming and web development. Over the years, I have accumulated a wide range of skills in front end development, web design, animation, and back end development.

Front End Development

In today's world, mobile is king, and the best way to accomodate for that is through Responsive Web Design. This is where your webpage adapts to any screen size or device it is viewed on. I utilize several different tools to accomplish this, such as Bootstrap, FlexBox, and for Content Management I prefer Square Space. Then depending on the projects requirements or goals, we make use of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, Node.js, Express, Angular, SVG, Sass, Bourbon, Neat, Foundation, or Bootstrap to provide a responsive design and layout.

Web Design

For design aspects, I am well versed in Adobe Creative Suite. I use Photoshop and Illustrator for Image editing and creating Layouts. I use After Effects for kinetic typography and animation.

Back End Development

For Content Management Systems I use Square Space or Wordpress. For large scale backend development I usually work off the MEAN stack.


Contact Me

I am currently available for freelance Web Design and Web Development, and I am also open to full-time employment opprotunities. Please contact me by Email for Job inquiries and by phone for Urgent inquiries. Also feel free to contact me through Twitter or Facebook.



(205) 641-3465